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The Usefulness of Sharpies

When it come to the variety of packaging supplies available, so many of the items do much more than their primary function of packaging and shipping items. Cardboard boxes are useful in just about every situation. Rubber bands can be used for hundreds of different nifty things. Tape is everywhere.

Sharpies, too, fit the bill for universal tool of all things daily. As for what makes them succeed so well, look no further than how many different materials they can ink themselves onto.

They can write on shirts.
Remember back in high school when you had classmates and others in the school write their name on your homecoming shirts? Sharpies of all colors were the only things that you could trust to reliably mark on your shirt.

Sharpies are the writing utensil of choice when it comes to getting signatures at professional sports games or concerts. So many die hard fans know better than to not bring one along in case they meet their favorite player or musician. These markers can create some pretty magical moments.

They can write on cardboard.
Whether you’re making a sign for a sports game, advertising your garage sale, or creating a class project that you’ll present for a grade, Sharpies get the job done handedly. They’re bold, they show up super well on different kinds of cardboard and poster board material, and they last an insanely long time. Just like shirts, other writing utensils wouldn’t hold up nearly as well as these magic markers.

They can write on duct tape.
When you’re labeling boxes in storage or on the move, duct tape and packaging tape are quick ways to seal your boxes. However, sometimes it’s nice to have things sealed and labeled so that you don’t have to open up every box to find a certain item you’re in need of. Thanks to Sharpies, you can write on the tape itself so that you don’t have to mark on the box in case you need to reuse the box for other things in the future.

In the end, Sharpies can write on just about anything. From styrofoam cups to plastic cups, clothing material to cardboard, and even duct tape and metal, Sharpies emblazon just about any message you desire on any material available. So long as you’re not writing on super dark surfaces and materials, these markers show and they show well. There’s not many other packaging supplies items out there that are this versatile and this reliable.