Excite Your Online Customers with Beautiful Packaging and Brochures

More and more people are shopping online for many of their everyday needs. Retailers have just one chance to keep their attention so they will order again from their shop, grocery store, clothing store or what ever their online service offers.

The very last thing an online retailor has with the customer is the packaging that they used for the customers items. That packaging will stick in the mind of the customer longer than anything else. If the packaging is ugly, dirty, not enough or too much, the customer will remember it all. That last impression will also be repeated to others.

Customers enjoy receiving packages in the mail. They enjoy the excitement of opening the package. They realize they might be able to reuse the packaging if they open it carefully and they sense right away if they may need to send the items back. Many times, customers will also recycle the paper and boxes that their online retailers have wrapped their items in. Unwrapping an online order is the last time that the retailer will have to impress the customer.

Online shoppers want to feel like they are being treated the same as if they were in the store itself shopping. Research that has been performed has shown that 66 percent of customers feel that what their packages are wrapped in, shows them what the retailer thinks of them as customers.

If the packaging is shoddy, it shows that the retailer does not care about the customer but only about the sale. Retailers that wrap their online packages with care and their brand names, will bring back those customers to buy again. Surveys have shown that when retailers use their brand name on the wrapping of online packages, those customers are the ones that are the repeat customers.

Online retailers have to impress customers of social media with a great catalog and a web site that will entice the customers to buy. The secondary packaging can help to give the customer a sense of pleasure with the protective materials that their items are packed in when shipped. The secondary packaging supplies that protect the items should also show off the brand name of the retailer.

The materials may offer a surprise congratulations or a happy birthday to the customer. It may also be a new catalog that is colorful or a few coupons for their next time buying. All these secondary materials will thrill the buyer and stay in their mind that this retailer thinks about their customers. When the customer needs to buy something else, this retailers name and brand will come to the mind of the customer.

It is said that the chemical dopamine is released in a person’s brain when people shop in a brick and mortar store. It gives them the sense of pleasure, excitement, and satisfaction. Those same feelings are within the people who shop online. They have the anticipation of waiting for their items, and the excitement of the item arriving and the pleasure of opening the box up.

If a person waits for a package the heightened excitement should be rewarded with a positive feeling about the retailer. The secondary packaging will keep that feeling going for the customer who finds coupons or a new brochure about other items from the retailer. The retailer only has that one moment when the customer is unwrapping the box to make a lasting positive impression.